Franconia presents Sloughing, by Raegan Truax

Franconia was honored to present Day 1 of Raegan Truax’s durational performance Sloughing, featuring Lexi Johnson, Kate Moore.

Sloughing was part of 100 Days of Action, a group of artists and activists who want to offer a counter-narrative to Trump’s one hundred day plan. 100 Days Action was a forum for resistance, an artistic coming together, and an exercise in endurance.

Sloughing took place over 28 days from February 9 to March 8, 2017.  Following the performance score, each participant committed to free-bleeding for up to three hours in a public space. Thus, this work made visible the often invisible or hidden and in doing so stood up for reproductive rights, universal healthcare, and all bodies detained, shamed, and contained by the agenda of the Trump administration.