Franconia presents Sloughing, by Raegan Truax

Franconia was honored to present Day 1 of Raegan Truax’s durational performance Sloughing, featuring Lexi Johnson, Kate Moore. Sloughing was part of 100 Days of Action, a group of artists and activists who want to offer a counter-narrative to Trump’s one hundred day plan. 100 Days Action was a forum for resistance, an artistic coming together, and…

Franconia presents Meredith Axelrod in concert

We’ve been flirting with this idea for two years, since we collaborated on our production of Gombrowicz’s Princess Ivona — a solo evening at Franconia with Meredith Axelrod performing her astonishing renditions of old American songs. Perched atop Ivona’s high stool, Meredith’s music electrified the night silence of Franconia… Photo courtesy of Raymond Ou.

FPS #11

As promised, our knockout summer blockbuster Franconia PerformanceSalon #11 happened last Saturday night, featuring performances by Fred Schmidt-Arenales, Sarah Mendelsohn, and Karen Penley, excerpts of a new performance text by Martin Schwartz, a sound installation by Derek Phillips, and a video game by Daniel Jackson!